My work is driven and influenced by ideas around function and its correlation to value in our society. I explore this primarily through photography and video performance in which I manipulate the usability of objects.

I am particularly intrigued by ceramic objects and the feminization of everyday items. This is illustrated well within the relationship between, us, cows and ceramics. We use the ash of cow bones to create beautiful bone china, and their milk to repair it when it breaks. Beef tallow has also been discovered in ancient makeup alongside tin oxide. All three have a strong tie to the connotation of function as value and examining this exposes the harm and exploitation this definition of value causes. 

The feminization and erosion of the life of an object beyond its functionality is not limited to ceramic objects. I explore this in all items I come in contact with. Throughout my work I also consider the systems around us that have created these items and my role within them. I believe this is something we should also consider outside of objects and things: what systems and situations do we perpetuate through our actions and complacencies?